Course curriculum

  • 1

    Access Event Platform (May 20, 2021-June 4, 2021)

    • Access Whova:
  • 2

    May 20 Keynote Josh Kallmer of Zoom: Doing Business Across Borders in an Age of Digital Uncertainty-The Experience of Zoom

    • Keynote Session Recording
  • 3

    May 20 Trade Talks

    • Global Cyber Trends: A Fortune 100 Perspective-Patrick Hellman, Arrow Electronics
    • The Internet is Dying: The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence to Global Digital Citizenship, Tripp Lake and Masaharu Morita
    • Blockchain Technology for Supply Chains-A Must or a Maybe? Julie Lockwood and Erik Bergemen
    • Network as a Service-Telecom is Changing the Landscape of Trade-Jennifer Artley & Debika Bhattacharya
  • 4

    May 20 Networking Sessions

    • Supply Chain Networking Session
    • Free Trade Success Stories Networking Session
    • Compliance Networking Session
    • China Networking Session
    • Digital Diplomacy Networking Session
  • 5

    May 21 Keynote Danielle Osler: Technology, Trade and Transparency: How the Openness of the Digital World Can Expand Global Opportunity

    • Keynote Danielle Osler: Technology, Trade and Transparency-How the Openness of the Digital World Can Expand Global Opportunity
  • 6

    May 21 Awards Ceremony

    • Governor's Exporting Excellence Awards and International Commerce Awards
  • 7

    May 21 Trade Talks

    • Innovation: Leveling the Global Playing Field-Jim McKelvey, Founder of Invisibly and Co-Found of Square
    • Explosion of E-Fulfillment-Megan Smith
    • America Must Be Present to Win-CU President Mark Kennedy
    • Global Sustainability-Johann Boedecker & Ali Fenn
  • 8

    Conference Closing Session-Fox Park Overview & Comic Relief with Pete Mento

    • Conference Closing Session-Fox Park and Pete Mento