Course curriculum

  • 1

    GLP Briefing Materials

    • Session 7: Final Session Run of Show
    • Session 7: Final Full Briefing Book
  • 2

    Session 3 Materials: Doing Business in the US and Navigating Cultural Differences and Equity

    • Am I Ready to Locate to the US? Understanding the Value Proposition for US Global Strategies, Craig Maginness EXIM Global Strategies
    • How do I Legally Work in the US? Immigration Strategies, Ali Brodie, Fox Rothschild
    • How Do I Hire Teams in the US? Mark Cicotello, Employer's Council
  • 3

    Session 4 Materials: Denver Startup Ecosystem, Useful Colorado Government Resources

    • Denver's Funding and Investment Ecosystem: Peter Adams, Executive Director of the Rockies Venture Club
    • State of Colorado Resources: Max Nathanson, Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade
    • City of Denver Resources: Rebecca Gillis, Denver Economic Development & Opportunity
    • Denver's Workforce: Shannon Jahn, Denver Economic Development & Opportunity
  • 4

    Session5 Materials: Expansion Legalities & Winnings and Urban Transit in Denver

    • Galvanized Denver Virtual Tour
    • Legal Consideration of Opening an Office in the US-James Oury, Esq., Founder, Oury Law
    • Understanding Intellectual Property in the U.S.-Ben Roxborough, Associate, K&L Gates
  • 5

    Session 6 Materials: Finance and Smart & Sustainable Living in Denver

    • How do I get paid in the US? Banking Strategies in the US-Courtney Roberts, PNC Bank
    • Explaining US Tax Liabilities-Brandon Powers, BDO
  • 6

    Session Recordings

    • Session 1 Recording: AUS-NZ Global Landing Pad Opening Webinar
    • Session 2 Recording: Denver's Startup Ecosystem-History & Overview
    • Session 2 Recording: BEN Colorado Introduction and Presentation Training
    • Session 3: Part 1 Doing Business in the US and Federal Government Resources
    • Session 3: Part 2 Panel on Cultural Differences
    • Session 4: Part 2-Denver Startup Ecosystem-What Makes it Collaborative and Successful
    • Session 4: Part 1-Denver Startup ecosystem-What Makes it Collaborative and Successful
    • Session 5 Recording: Part 1: Expansion Legal Considerations/Intellectual Property
    • Session 5 Recording: Part 2-Urban Transit and Panel of International Companies
    • Session 6 Part 1: Financial and Smart & Sustainable Living in Denver
    • Session 6 Part 2: Financial and Smart & Sustainable Living in Denver
    • Session 6 Part 1 Recording: Financial and Smart & Sustainable Living in Denver
    • Session 7: Continuation Celebration, Graduation Ceremony & Closing Comments
  • 7

    Cohort Introduction Videos

    • AUS/NZ Global Landing Pad Cohort Profiles
    • Anti Ordinary-Rob Joseph
    • Build-Apps-Paula Guino
    • Crockd-Rosa Wilis
    • DNA Security Solutions-Tania Jolley
    • Enteruptors-David Jordan
    • Flatpack Global-Grant Nye
    • Geo AR Games-Melanie Langlotz
    • GeoSnapShot-Andy Endwards
    • HIVERY-Franki Chamaki
    • Humanable CX-Francoise Gelbard
    • Law On Earth-Katie Richards
    • LVX Global-Mark Verheyen
    • My Freight IQ-James Langmaid
    • Payshield Technology PTY LTD-Daryn Griggs
    • Survival Emergency Solutions-Michael Tyrell
    • Sypht-Warren Billington
  • 8

    WTC Denver Membership Offer for GLP Participants

    • GLP Membership Offer
    • Overview of World Trade Center Denver
  • 9

    Other Useful Denver Information

    • Denver Commercial Real Estate Overview: Ken Gooden, Managing Director at JLL
    • Kalen Acquisto, Denver Commons on Champa
    • Former Global Landing Pad Participant Observations: Michelle McDonald
    • Denver Testimony: Dom Leyden, Head of Sales & BD for Rosterfy, AUS-Based Company